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A lawsuit is a formal legal or civil action made by the injured party known as the plaintiff or creditor against another person or the debtor.

Debtors in San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco Bay Area Counties are served with lawsuits for various causes of action. There are all types of lawsuits which range from debt from credit cards, hospital bills, unpaid personal loan and other unsecured debts. Some people file for bankruptcy just to stop the lawsuit from interfering with their life or business to allow them enough time to negotiate with their creditor or arrange payment with chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee. Most lawsuits are disposed off in chapter 7 bankruptcy in San Jose California.

At the San Jose Milpitas bankruptcy debt relief office of Geoffrey Nwosu, our attorneys and lawyers have helped many people file for bankruptcy and debt relief. Many bankruptcy filings were motivated by the service of a lawsuit. The debtor’s motivation for filing bankruptcy in response to a lawsuit may range from the potential judgment liabilities facing the debtor, the legal fees associated with defending the lawsuit in court, the fear, complex nature and the stress associated with the litigation process. A lawsuit can be the deciding factor to file for bankruptcy when someone cannot pay their debts.

Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy and debt relief, an automatic stay can stop most lawsuits immediately from the time that you file your petition. The idea behind this approach is to allow the debtor time to breathe and the bankruptcy court enough time to review your bankruptcy filing. You may get debt relief if your debt is dischargeable and the lawsuit will be stopped. Once you file bankruptcy, the Bankruptcy Court issues a court order stopping all lawsuits.  In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the discharge in bankruptcy will eliminate the lawsuit so that it cannot be brought against you again.

If you are having financial difficulty, lost your job or have high medical bills and want to start fresh, you need to hire a skilled attorney and lawyer at the bankruptcy debt relief law office of Geoffrey Nwosu representing clients in San Jose Santa Clara County, Alameda County, San Mateo County and San Francisco Bay Area. Our law office attorneys and lawyers represent clients who are facing foreclosure, creditor harassment, high medical bill, court judgment, repossession, wage and IRS garnishment. You have rights. We can help you. We have helped many clients like you.

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