Can bankruptcy chapter 7 discharge be revoked?


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A bankruptcy court judge may revoke a chapter 7 discharge on the request of the trustee, a creditor, or the U.S. trustee. The court may take such action if the discharge was obtained through fraud by the debtor or where the debtor fraudulently failed to report the acquisition of bankruptcy estate property or to surrender the property to the trustee, or where the debtor makes a material misstatement or fails to provide documents or other information in connection with an audit of the debtor's petition. It is always advisable to be truthful in your petition and document properly.

It is always advisable to make to sure that you file your petition very properly. Avoid having your bankruptcy petition dismissed for improper filing or documentation. Consult with a professional for free. You can just schedule appointments to have answers to your bankruptcy questions. You are not under any obligation to sign any contract on you first free consultation. Attorneys and lawyers at the law office of Geoffrey Nwosu will be very happy to provide bankruptcy answers to your bankruptcy questions.

Omitting or not intentionally including bankruptcy estate property may cause the bankruptcy judge to revoke your discharge. You must review all documents to make sure that you are not grossly misstating any non-exempt assets. The trustee may take some action like identifying assets that belong to the Chapter 7 bankruptcy estate and sale them to pay the creditors owed by the debtor.

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