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Some individuals wonder if they need an attorney in a particular case. Although the answer may differ depending upon the circumstances, you may need an attorney to render an opinion of the basic legal rights you may not realize that you have, or to advise you of certain legal rules that you must adhere to.

If you have been injured and are looking for an experienced personal injury law firm  contact San Jose Injury Lawyer Geoffrey Nwosu today. He understands personal injury law and has the ability to handle even the most complicated case. In matters that may seem rather straightforward, such as a car accident, important rights may be overlooked without proper legal assistance.

Personal Injury

We will accept personal injury (plaintiff) cases on a contingency fee basis.  Some of the cases that we handle include but are not limited to:

Auto Accident Cases

Bankruptcy Cases

We handle personal bankruptcy cases in San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, and surrounding communities.

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